Tuesday, March 30, 2010

march madness

....started a 12 day diet. i used it as somewhat of a sugar detox. i am so addicted it's ridiculous. it really helped and my cravings have decreased significantly.

....the girls have so much fun in the bath together. we don't always love what they do or the messes they make. but they sure have fun!

....went to get a facial, manicure and pedicure at stepping stones. finally used the remaining gift certificate lynnette had given my for my birthday in august! it felt wonderful.

....took flower on a date to see princess and the frog at the dollar theater. anytime kg has a tuesday off, which works out to about one a month, we rotate in taking her on a movie date. it's kind of fun. we were joined by sandee, kas, opal and laura. i really loved the movie!

....took flower to register for school. it's so crazy that she's going to be in kindergarten! she passed all the tests with flying colors and is more than ready. she walked out of there with a bag full of fun things.

....went to a st. patricks day lunch with lindsay, kris, and velma at ha'penny. lindsay is from ireland so she wanted to celebrate. it was fun! the service wasn't stellar but the tomato soup i had was delicious!

....the day after our vacation, i had to go back to work, but kg still had a couple of days off. he took the girls plus kas and spencer to the discovery center(sandee had free tickets for the four of them) and the park. they were joined by john and his boys. they had a great time.

kg got some great shots!

....that night we went to TGIFridays for dinner for FRE. river was being so sweet and kept leaning on my shoulder.

....the next day kg and john took the kids to see the princess and the frog. i love seeing kg and john hang out with all the kids. :)

....i had an appointment with a dietician and a psychologist. i've made it my goal for this new decade to get healthy...mind, body and spirit! that means talking to someone to get things out of my head, eating better and being more physical, and going to the temple at least once a month. so far so good! i'm so optimistic. i'm incredibly grateful for kg and kris' support in this! they've actually done several aspects with me and are just supporting me so much. love love.

that about catches me up for march. it's about time i enter april with the rest of you! :)

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