Monday, March 22, 2010

3.22.2010::on the road again

when we woke up we went down to our hotel buffet called cravings. still expensive but not nearly as much as the one the day before and there was so much variety! we enjoyed our food until river started to melt down so i downed mine and took her back to the room. i tucked her away in the tub so i could keep her out of the way while i packed up all our stuff.
she was being so cute and blowing me kisses each time i'd go in and out of the bathroom.

we got all packed up and headed out. flower wanted to watch me 'play a game' so i let her pick one machine and told her i'd spend a $1. i was going to bet it till it was gone and ended up winning $10. nice. and that was the extent of our gambling. :) we were soon on the road and arrived in san diego around 6 i think. shortly after we got there kg went to the grocery store to get milk for river, bananas and stuff for dessert. they fed us so well and that night was just the start of it. scot loves using his grill. he grilled up steaks and we had steamed veggies. yum!
for dessert we had mint ice cream with oreos.
it felt nice to know we would be settled for 5 days and it was soooo good to see them!

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