Sunday, March 28, 2010

03.28.2010::wrapping up the trip

sunday we woke up in time to get the free hotel breakfast before we packed it up and finally headed home. the girls were champs and traveled well the entire trip.
this is river's first time with poprocks. she didn't really respond. bummer.

these lollipops they chose from hadley got us through the final hour of the trip.
they kept doing 'cheers' with them.
we arrived home a little after 6:00. as much as i loved the trip, i was happy to be home. besides, we cleaned the place spotless before we left and also had the carpets cleaned while we were gone so it was so wonderful to walk into our beautifully clean place.
i'm so impress with how well the girls did on the trip. we traveled a lot of miles and there were no movies in the car. just books and songs.
we did a ton of walking and this is the first trip ever that my feet weren't killing me. i know i've written about them before but i LOVE my sneakers that i got for my birthday. they are so comfortable for my daily exercises and were awesome for this trip.
it was so nice to have alone time with kg to see an amazing show celebrate our upcoming anniversary in vegas and i'm so grateful for alyce's family being willing to help us with the girls.
we had such a great time with the kleins. they were so easy to stay with. they were so generous too. they cooked wonderful meals for us as well as provided us with a comfortable place to sleep and just made us feel at home. we sure love them.
i couldn't have asked for a better 10 days spent with my little family and our good friends. we had thought about not going in light of our car situation. maybe it would have been more responsible to spend the money on a car but i don't regret it a bit. we needed this time away and i loved every minute of it!
i forgot to include our souvenirs from vegas.
flower chose this cute little snow globe from the m&m store for her preschool teacher, miss april.
the girls each chose these little cups from there as well.
and we chose an ornament for our christmas tree.
i can hardly wait for our next vacation! :)

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