Friday, March 26, 2010

03.26.2010::san diego day four

the camera battery died after we got home from the zoo the day before. i forgot my charger and extra battery so from here on out it's iphone photos.
friday was a day to relax. we had been going for the past three days and were tired. we put river on the trampoline. (i realized i posted these photos of river on the day before but it was the wrong day so i erased it from there and am posting it on the right day) she loved it. she jumps on regular ground like she's on a trampoline so i was excited to see how she's do. she was a pro and had so much fun.

she would jump so high and have no problem landing it.
notice her cute little sandals passed down from cousin lorelai. :) she loves them.

later that afternoon we went to ikea. we dropped the three older kids off at the daycare there. they have a big ball pit and kitchen area. they had a blast.
i had a great time stroller the store with val and pointing out and talking about all the things we loved. kg chased river around.
we both got some whisks and cutting boards.
as well as these great storage containers.
scot had the day off and stayed home to slave over his grill. he made us delicious bbq ribs. val also made a banana yam pie(it's not pie, more like mashed potatoes but that's what they call it) which was a big hit with kg and the girls. for dessert we had molten lava cakes that we had bought at trader joes. they were yummy too. we stayed up late to enjoy our last night with them by talking and watching a movie. very enjoyable.


A-me said...

Have the same cutting boards from ikea :)

Adrienne said...

Of course you can use my post on your blog, I'm glad I was able to sum up your feelings as well. Your trip sounds like so much fun!!!

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