Monday, March 8, 2010


last friday, the 5th, kg and i had an amazing, FREE, date night! the owner of a new restaurant in town, mystique, rents an apartment at my complex. the magicians that they book stay here. he gave lynnette two free tickets. she very graciously passed them on to me. i was very grateful because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to try it out anytime soon. it's a tad on the expensive and posh side. my sister made the night even better by having the girls spend the night. it was soooo nice to have a night alone.
the decor was awesome.

this was our magician.

the food was amazing! we were served by white glove butlers and they made sure you were taken care of!
pomegranate and blueberry sorbet to cleanse our pallet...soooo good
main course
i had salmon(loved) atop a bed of wheat rice type thing(didn't love) and asparagus(yum)
kg had prime rib with a baked potato
(i ate half of his potatoe which you see on my plate because i didn't eat my rice)
the entertainment
it was so fun. the only thing i would change was booking early enough to get the 6:30 seating. it was sold out so we got the 8:30. way to late to be eating that much food. we got home at 10:45 and went to bed watching a movie. perfect evening which was made better by being able to sleep in on saturday morning! kg woke me up at 10:00 am with breakfast in bed. it was lovely. he went and got the girls at noon when i went to work.

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Wow that looks like a really fun place!

Let's kick it.

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