Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3.24.2010::san diego day two

wednesday was sea world day! we brought our double stroller for the girls but realized if we use it for the two babies instead, then we could all fit in one car since there wasn't room for two strollers. plus scot had to work so this worked out well. so we all piled into their car. ashton, flower and ellektra were in the back. i sat between the babies in the middle row and kg and val were in front.

we had to go on base because scot was getting us discounted tickets to the parks. turns out that day every adult in the car had to have id to go on base. i lost my id a year ago and just haven't replaced it. that meant i had to get out and sit on the sidewalk until they came back for me. nice. i sat under the overpass for about 30 minutes with all the military guys staring at me and lots and lots and lots of people driving in. after a little while one of the guys started freaking out and pointing behind and me and telling me not to move and sit really still. i totally froze. a different guy goes, 'don't move. there's a huge racoon right behind you. it's getting on it's hind legs.' another guy pipes in, 'maybe she should run?!' are you kidding me? they can see the fear on my face and decided to be done with their little joke. i turned around and yes, there was a raccoon but it was a ways up the hill and i was just fine. they all started busting up. jerks. i'm glad i could provide them with some entertainment during their boring day of checking ids.
just as my carload was driving out to get me a huge helicopter flew over.
it was so loud and completley filled the air with dirt which mean i got a mouth full of dust. yuck.
soon enough we were at sea world and ready for some fun.
all the kids. the older three were obsessed with their maps the whole day!
havana and river. they were both so good all day! all the kids were.

we got to feed the dolphins. each of the three older kids fed them one fish.

i got the next three photos on my phone since kg was on the other side of the pool with the camera.

kg captured some pretty sweet photos! love this one of the dolphin coming right at him.

then we went to pet the sting rays. flower was so brave and had no problem touching anything!

we saw lots of strange creatures.
love the blue eyes.

the sea lion and otter show was pretty funny.

i just think this thing is ugly.

then we walked through the shark tank.

it was a really beautiful day.
these flowers were gorgeous!
we stopped near here to have a picnic lunch that we brought.

we took a ride on the skyride.
we had some really lovely views.

the kids had fun chasing the rabbits.

river loved kissing the tanks.

here are some starfish for amanda!

here's a good example of one of flower's poses. lol.

this fish was just huge!
i like the turtles.

why do penguin exhibits stink so bad? it was almost unbearable!

shamu show!

we road this thing that i really could have done without. it had nice views but i didn't like the spinning.

we went into the gift shop and let flower pick out a souvenir. then she wanted to make a souvenir penny.

we made the trek home and were ready to relax!
here are our sourvenirs.
flower chose a cute pair of shamu jammies.
river got a max the minow book.
and kg surprised me with a magnet.
val had made a really delicious lasagna, garlic bread and steamed veggies. yum.
another successful day!

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Adrienne said...

I went to Sea World when I was 13 (?) and loved it. I left wanting to be a whale trainer, until I realized that would require me being an amazing swimmer, and that was never going to happen! What a fun trip!

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