Saturday, March 27, 2010

03.27.2010::san diego day five

saturday was our last day. :(
we made the best of it by playing on the trampoline in the morning and enjoying the nice weather.

then we got all packed up and headed for mission beach. on the way there scot stopped at a philippines market because he wanted us to try their sweet bread. it was so worth the stop. delicious!
we found a place to park at the beach and then walked along the beach to belmont park.
it was a beautiful walk.
we enjoyed some skating street performers.
we went into a souvenir shop. river picked out a maraca.
and i got a magnet. i didn't get a photo of what flower picked and can't remember what it was.
the kids rode the carousel.

and the yellow submarine.

we also enjoyed some pizza and ice cream.
on our way back to the beach we watched this little kid. he was so cute jamming to the music.

finally we went back to play in the sand. i really wanted to get some great beach shots with my camera but oh well. phone shots were my only choice.

river wasn't too sure what to think about the cold water.

flower loved it! of course ashton and elle were old pros. :)

sand in her toes.
eventually river loved it too. in this picture she was with me. the waves were going in and out and getting our legs wet. she would touch the water and giggle. shortly after this a wave came in that knocked her over and the water went right over her head. i scooped her up and she just had a surprised look on her face. the water had gone well above my knees. oops. :)
shortly after that it was 5:00 and we were all wet and ready to go. :) we didn't want to but really needed to get on the road. we said our good-byes and off we went. it was sad to leave. i miss them.
we had to get here before they closed at 8:00 and it was a couple of hours away!
we love hadley and stop each time we are in california. we got kg's dad some dates and trail mix. kg got himself some dates and cherry bomb candies. i got some cinnamon lollipops. the girls each chose a lollipop. flower also got poprocks. we also got some popcorn and fresh peanut butter. good stuff and good times.
we were on the road again hoping to make it to ely, nevada.
here's our ghost rider. she sleeps with her head covered in bed too.
they were both conked out which made for a quiet ride.
i fell asleep as well but somehow kg managed to stay awake and i believe we pulled into ely at 4:00 am.

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