Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3.23.2010::san diego day one

tuesday was wonderful! val cut and colored my hair! it hasn't been done since she did it before they moved last summer. far to long. i was looking so mangy. it's nice to feel pretty again. :) she cut kg's and flower's and they looked cute too. that took till about noon and then she watched all the kids so that kg and i could go do a session in the san diego temple. i was so excited to have this time with him. it was nice having such a quiet drive there and the quiet of the temple. i thoroughly enjoyed it.

so beautiful.

i loved the inside. the staircases and different levels. i could go on and on. simply beautiful and unlike any i've ever seen. i'm so thankful to val for being willing to watch all the kids so we could go!
the coronado bridge.
we got back about 5, got the kids ready and headed off to dinner. we went to california pizza kitchen. yum! we ordered a pineapple and pepperoni thin crust and a chicken pasta dish for our family to share. we also got an appetizer of fried artichoke hearts. everything was fabulous. wow.

i love their kitchen. such a beautiful color of tile.
this was our waiter.
funny story. he's black. obvious right? well ashton and flower felt like this dinner, at the table, was a good time to argue about that. ashton thought he was brown and flower thought he was black and they kept going back and forth and we finally hushed them and hoped no one had heard. then out of the blue a while later when the waiter came to our table we hear ashton say, "are you black?" and he says yes and we hear ashton say "dang it. flower you were right. he said he is black. i thought he was brown." we parents wanted to hide under the table! then val looks at him and says, "sorry. we are from idaho" geez. thanks for making idaho look bad! it was so funny and so embarrassing at the same time. gotta love the innocence of children that speak their minds.
after that we went back to their house and got the kids ready to go swimming with scot and kg while val and i escaped with baby havana to go shopping together. we wanted to check out trader joes and find out what the big deal was. it was nice to just be together and be able to talk and catch up. we got some yummy treats to share with the family. then we went next to pier 1 because we both love it! i bought a pillow as my san diego souvenir. i really like it. and now i'll think of val every time i look at it on my sofa. :)
it was a nice evening and the perfect day.

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