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3.21.2010::vegas day two

day two was just as action packed as day one! when we woke up we made plans with my friend jamie. on our way to meet her i took photos of the awesome revolution beatles lounge in our hotel.

at night there were go-go dancers in the two o's. it was cool.
we met jamie and her boyfriend charlie at her hotel, the monte carlo, for breakfast. jamie and i worked together at parklane and now she lives at the complex i manage. she had been talking about going to vegas for a month but it never clicked that we'd be there at the same time until we were on our way. it was nice to get together. the buffet was good but way too expensive. i've never paid $40 for two people(kids were free) for breakfast before. yikes! we discovered the day we left that the buffet in our hotel was cheaper, bigger and better!
this little gal is obsessed wit her muscles. she flexes eleventy million times a day and asks us for approval. and it's mostly when we're eating because we are teaching her about nutrition and what makes us stronger and weaker. she loves it. she is convinced that with each bite of healthy food they get bigger and she has to prove it. so cute.
river road on kg's shoulders a lot on this trip. when she would start to get tired she would kiss his head...
...and then lay down. it was so sweet. she fell asleep a couple of times this way.
after breakfast we drove to target to get flower some sneakers. she hasn't had any for about year since she outgrew them and they are now river's. since she'd be doing so much walking we wanted her to be comfortable. this is the cute little red number she chose. love converse.
we then went back to the hotel to drop off the car and do more walking. we also had to get our tickets for our show that night. that took us to the beatles section of our hotel. wow. we stayed at the mirage because that's where our show was so we got a pretty good deal on room and ticket combo.
i loved all the signs for the show! the whole venue was amazing and colorful.

this catwalk was amazing!
and this might be one of my favorite photos of flower! check her out as the fourth beatle!

flower and i also went into the gift shop which was filled with beatles paraphernalia. flower immediately picked out a shirt she liked and a magnet for the bus but i told her we'd have to wait. wink. wink.
finally we had our tickets and we were back on the strip.
flower loves to skip and run. we had such beautiful weather!

we used our babyhawk carrier quite a bit that day because the walk was really long to circus circus. it works great. it's easier than trying to navigate a stroller in that place.
this is the pirate ship outside of treasure island.
we stopped halfway there for a bathroom break and lunch. we got two crepes to share, a terriyaki chicken and a strawberry banana creme. they were delicious and just the right amount for the four of us.
we finally reached our destination.
i thought they had more to do here. i forgot that it's just a huge arcade which we aren't in to. they have trapeze acts in the middle. this is what i thought there were a lot more of. they only have this little arena for one or two people at a time. and the acts are every 30 to 45 minutes. not enough. the shows only last 10 minutes. not long enough. i wish they had these going constantly. so i was a little cranky at first that we walked all that way but it turned out to be fun.
we saw one act right when we arrived.

then we walked around and played a couple of games to get the girls each a stuffed animal. flower played her own game of fishing and chose a cute little pink bunny.

kg played this game against another guy and won river a cute little dog.

the dog and bunny.
then we watched another show.

we called it good after that because we had a time crunch. we decided to take the double decker bus back to the hotel. we had to get the girls ready and take them to the sitter.
while walking through the hotel to come or go we would pass this ad. i love it!
it was an ad for the candy store in the hotel so of course we had to check it out. it wasn't as big as i thought it would be, really small actually. and didn't have anything i can't get anywhere else.
boy is this true!

finally we drove to my sister-in-law's parents house. her sister said they'd watch the girls for us. they are so awesome! they helped us out two years ago when we went to penn and teller for kg's birthday. they really are a wonderful family. we dropped them off and got right back to the hotel. we didn't have to time to stop for dinner so we stopped in the deli in our hotel. kg got an amazing pastrami sandwich to take to the show. i wasn't super hungry yet so i held off which ended up being a fun thing later in the night. we finally got into the venue! we were so excited. we had great seats. this show was the reason for our stop in vegas. it is an early 10th anniversary gift to each other. our anniversary is in may but we were planning to go to san diego so we added it on. we thought what better way to celebrate our love then to go to a show called love with music that we love. it was fascinating. cameras were not allowed so i snuck some with my phone. they are hard to even decipher. it's hard to explain the show. just imagine the beatles tripped out music in action made into scenes. just crazy stuff everywhere. very cool.

at one point they had a huge white cloth or parachute type thing that started in the center of the stage. they pulled it out over a good portion of the audience bouncing and waving it. it was pretty neat.
here it is completely over our heads.
it was after this photo that i got reprimanded with a scowl and shake of the finger for taking photos so it was my last one. it really was a cool show and worth the money!
after the show we went to the gift shop and i showed kg what flower had picked out.
we got her and river matching t-shirts to put in their easter baskets.
i chose the green reusable water bottle and the hot cocoa cup. i just couldn't decide so i got both!
we also got the magnet that flower had chosen for the bus. we get magnets or bumper stickers from our trips to decorate the inside of it. kind of fun. i loved her choice!
we went and picked up the girls who had a blast playing with heathers 6 children! they felt right at home and were well taken care of.
when we got back to the hotel kg had a raging headache but i was hungry because i hadn't had dinner. even though it was after 9:00 i decided to take flower on a date! it was so fun to be out with her in another city, just the two of us. our first stop was at blizz for some frozen yogurt.
i let flower make the whole thing. she picked cheesecake flavored yogurt. i added some graham cracker crust but she put the strawberries, chocolate sprinkles, reeses pieces and cheese cake bites. wow. but it was good.
our plan was to get this yogurt and go sit by the pool and eat it, then go get our suits on and take a swim. we got to the pool only to discover it closes at 5 pm. what kind of crap is that?! i'm sure it's because they want you at the casino and not at the pool but what about those that have a family and didn't come to gamble? losers. so we took our yogurt back to the yogurt shop and enjoyed it. then we decided we were still hungry so we went to the pizza joint. she was being so hilarious. she had watched little mermaid at heather's that night so we was playing with her fork in her hair and repeating all the lines of the bird. it was hilarious.
it made waiting for the pizza go by fast.
the pizza was delicious. we got our favorite, thin crust pepperoni and pineapple. the pineapple was huge uneven pieces that had been shaved off a big pineapple right then. seriously good! wow.
we then went out to catch the volcano that blasts every 30 minutes in front of our hotel. we didn't want flower to miss it.
these are obviously before the eruption. please pardon the phone photos.
when it started to rumble and flames started shooting she was mezmerized!

it is an awesome show! there were three people around us that were enamoured with flower. the lady offered to take our photo together. they just couldn't get enough of flower's excitment. she is pretty charming.
it was such an amazing day. time with the whole family. date with kg. date with flower. awesome!


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I love the picture of Flower as the 4th Beatle. So funny! What a fun trip!

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Sounds like a good time indeed!

Let's kick it.

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