Tuesday, March 2, 2010

river's first pig tails

i don't know why these photos are so funny to me but they really are. river has a major mullet. her hair in back is getting really long and i realized it was long enough to fit into pig tails so i gave it a shot. she was being hilarious! we laughed so hard!

this picture does me in! every time i look at it i can't stop laughing! i love her face.

and this one! i love them sticking straight out. she was trying to reach them and feel what i had done.
so cute. her hair easily fit and totally stayed in!
they're just so tiny!
she was trying so hard to see them.

finally got a glimpse and was just being so silly.

flower and i just laughed and laughed. she just looked so cute.
her hairline is up pretty high and her hair really has gotten long. before i pulled it up it went over the top of her collar on this shirt.
more goofy faces. she cracks herself up and i love it.
she was combing out her mohawk which was still there because it's too short to fit into the pig tails.

love her and her little pig tails too!


KG said...


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Haha cute! Cute cute CUTE!

Sandee said...

She looks cute - she makes me smile an laugh!

Audie said...

haha. too cute. I remember those days with Jovie and Oakley!

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