Wednesday, March 3, 2010

family date night

last saturday the 27th kg and the girls surprised me with a family date night. they picked me up from work and we headed to table rock grill for dinner. we had a $25 gift certificate that expired that day. it was ok. they're fries were delicious but my fish was yuck. oh well, it was fun being with the family!
*warning::yucky quality cell phone pics

mmm, water all around.
i'm so glad the girls love water because it's kg's and my favorite drink.

we gave river some buffalo chicken wings. as you can see by her face, they were hot.
it was funny.
we gave her the blue cheese to get rid of the spice and she dunked her thumb in.
she loved it!
after this we used a gift certificate at the stage coach to get dessert...pie.
then we went home and watched a movie. very fun night.

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