Saturday, December 4, 2010

company party at knock em dead theater

december 3rd was our company christmas party. this year we went to knock em dead dinner theater to have dinner and see a christmas carol. dinner was fair but the show was excellent. another great year and i'm very grateful for my job. i stole all these photos from lynnette. hopefully she doesn't mind. my camera phone without a flash just wasn't cutting it.
barb and lisa
julie and mike
jason and morgaine
this is a funny photo of tex and lynnette. tex looked thrilled to be there. ;)
me and my classy husband. :) at least he makes me laugh!
ricardo, daniel, tina and her boyfriend.
ricardo tied one on early.
the show was really great.

unfortunately half the party left early due to ricardo falling down the stairs drunk. he had a few too many. bummer. but it really was a wonderful night and i'm grateful for lynnette's generosity. we also learned some interesting information which i will be sharing soon.

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