Saturday, December 25, 2010

happy christmas eve

i was supposed to work a half day but woke up feeling like crud. it actually started the day before at work. i barely had a voice and had quite a sore throat. by the time i got home from work that night i had a fever. i continued to fight a fever for the next four days until monday and had the most horrendous sore throat. :( made enjoying the christmas weekend a little tough but i managed. the worst day was probably sunday, and likely because i over did it friday and saturday. :) but i just couldn't bare missing out on the traditions with my girls. this was also a special year because kg had christmas eve and christmas night off for the first time in ten years! i was pretty excited.
we always go to my parents for christmas eve. so after being in bed all day i dragged myself out and enjoyed a couple of hours with the family. we were asked to bring dessert.
i made a strawberry trifle.

kg made almond roca cheesecake bars.
both desserts were delicious!
we also enjoyed chili, stew and rolls for dinner.
my dad's holiday train.
my parents have a great display of christmas stuffed animals that make noise. river couldn't get enough. she especially loved this little bear that rode the tricycle.

we did our sibling gift exchange. ryan, amanda and lorelai had our family. they totally rocked the gifts! the girls got these cute handmade purses. i love the fabric for both of them! plus they were filled with the perfect stuff for each girl.

they gave kg and i gift card to cafe rio! the best! the gifts were very thoughtful. thanks guys!
we had sandee's family. we gave sandee and kas each a gift card for a pedicure and a gift card to share for the body shop. they could go get their toes pretty and then go next store and pick out yummy lotions. we gave spencer the new karate kid movie. we then spent the evening watching the movie.
after the movie was over we listened to 'twas the night before christmas and then my dad read the account of christ's birth from the scriptures. we had a very enjoyable evening with the family.
on our way home we stopped by a neighborhood that had five houses on one street synced to music. it was pretty cool! unfortunately river fell asleep before we got there. :) but flower was so amazed.
when we got home our traditional elf had paid us a visit, leaving behind christmas pj's for all, pillow pets for the girls and a note that we all needed to go to sleep quickly!
obligatory pj photos in front of the tree. :)
one without the flash to see the pretty tree lights.

as you can see, the elf over estimated their size and the pj's were way too long. they don't particularly like the feet anyway so it was an easy fix!
our family photo with their cute feet!
they are seriously the most comfortable pajamas ever!
and since i was sick i wore them for three days straight. :)
i love this photo and i don't look half bad for having a fever.
the girls went to sleep pretty quickly and then kg and i got busy doing what parents do on christmas eve. i was grateful for his help since i didn't feel well.
river's santa stash
flower's santa stash
my santa stash
(kg covered it with a blanket so we didn't see what we got till christmas morning)
kg's santa stash
we were in bed by 11:15 and i was asleep shortly thereafter. it was such a wonderful day. i always get excited for christmas, even before i had kids, and i still get more excited to buy kg stuff than i do the girls. i just love buying gifts for people and spoiling them! kg really seemed to love it this year more than normal which i really enjoyed.

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