Sunday, December 26, 2010

a very merry christmas

christmas was so good! the girls woke up about 8:30 am.
seeing their santa loot for the first time

they both head straight for the candy!
tired girl ::yawn::
she loved her new book
mmm, my favorite christmas treat. lee's caramels
we took things very slow this year and opened a present, then played with it for a while before opening another. i loved this, which we can't do most years because kg has to get to bed so he can work that night.
opening their gifts from lynnette
the cutest hats ever! thanks lynnette. they love them!
she also gave them this really cute butterfly candy
the girls gave kg these new workout shoes
the girls gave me this awesome game!
the girls gave each other these hello kitty purses with lip gloss inside. so cute.
flower picked it out for river and wanted one so bad. she was so excited to see that river got her one as well. :)
i got an external hard drive for all my photos. yay!

around 9:30 or so my parents game over for their gift exchange. they gave kg and i a gift card to the mall. we gave them a photo book of their surprise 60th birthday party, a bsu snuggi, a gift card to tucano's and a metal bat to add to their metal art collection in their back yard.
they gave both the girls a set of bottles and dishes for their babies.
they also gave flower a stroller matching the one river received for her birthday so they can each push their babies around. thanks mom and dad!
we ate some breakfast and relaxed for a bit before opening some more presents.
the girls each got a christmas dress from us.
i love these!
flower got some 'green' t-shirts. for as long as i can remember, when she says her prayers she always says, "please bless the earth that it will be healthy, clean and strong". it cracks me up and it was with no help from us. so these 'green and groovy' and 'peace and recycle' shirts were very fitting.
river got a similar 'peace, hope, dream' shirt.
i gave kg a really nice set of knives. we've never had nice knives.
they both got a set of new jammies!
i was completely shocked by this gift. kg must be making some extra money on the side!(actually he said he saved his lunch money for most of the year to spoil us for christmas this year. no wonder he was more excited this year for christmas than in the past!)
i got kg this super awesome crock pot. he makes a killer pot of chili and our crock pot is almost 11 years old(a wedding gift) and has seen better days. it was all part of the 'theme' of his gifts this year.
flower got the make-up kit she wanted so bad!
this was another gift i was slightly shocked about. i've never cared for gaming systems so i never would have agreed but i won't make him take it back.
river got this drawing pad for the wii
flower got this disney princess game for the wii
my favorite gift was this calendar that flower made at school. every month has her hand print incorporated in the art. i am only going to show the cover here because i like each page so well that i'm going to use each month's page to start out each month on my blog. :)
it surprises people but kg and i don't have any idea what the other is buying. it's way more fun that way. we shop together for the girls but even buy things the other doesn't know about. i love it. we ended up getting done around noon with the gifts which is even earlier than i wanted but i was not feeling well and wanted to get back to bed. considering we are normally done by 9:00 though, i was happy with it. i spent the afternoon trying to get everything from my old school iphone to transfer to the new iphone 4 i had received for christmas. that was such a hassle and after spending hours, still didn't have any luck. oh well. it's sure a lot faster! i also got a new 50 mm lens for my camera since my other one broke after being used so much. :) it was such a fun christmas. kg completely out did himself. but it was fun to be spoiled.
at 5:00 we went to kg's parents house for dinner and the gift exchange. dinner was delicious. ham and potatoes....yum.
mom and dad gave the girls these really cute mirrors and their own book of mormon readers.
they gifted us this gorgeous clock! it's huge and fits perfectly over our hallway.
we gave ryan and erik some pretty funny t-shirts.
erik gave flower this fun princess computer
he gave river the 'five little monkeys jumping on the bed' game
he also gave kg and me hungry, hungry hippo! i was excited. we gave justin a bunch of bacon flavored stuff like chapstick, toothpicks, and air freshner and a water bottle. we all played a round of doodle dice before calling it a night. my fever was starting to set in and i was feeling yucky again. we also wanted to make some stops at the great grandparents.
since river was awake we decided to go back to the christmas lights from the night before. we were there each night for several songs and still didn't hear one repeated. pretty cool.

we had a short visit at the hunter's and then mary-jo's before finally calling it a night. we had such a wonderful day and felt so loved.

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