Friday, December 31, 2010

iceburg. bounce. new year's eve.

i had a half day off for new year's eve which meant i got off work at 2:00 pm. :) kg needed to sleep because he worked that night so i needed to find something to do with the girls. first we went to iceberg for lunch. they have yummy corn dogs, fries and shakes! after that we went to bounce. i had purchased a half off pass for 5 visits a couple of months ago so that's what we did! with the cold weather it was perfect. sandee and the kids met us there. it was so fun!
kas on the velcro wall.
lots and lots of bounce houses to play on!
spencer on the velcro wall.
some friends from our ward ended up being there and cara was so sweet to go down the slide with river the first few times so i could get photos! actually i was too busy talking to one of my favorite high school friends that i ran into. so good to see you kaylynn!
i adore their smiles and happy faces.
bryce putting cara on the velcro wall.

she stuck!
the ramey's. they asked me to take a photo of their family. not the best photo because the kids ended up out of focus. sorry guys.
flower on the velcro wall.
i LOVE this photo! they are up pretty high. they are closer to the top than the bottom.

they were both starting to slide down in their suits and were getting nervous by this point.

this is another favorite photo. such a happy face!

i love the way they'd cross their arms over their chest and bite their lip. :)

this made me laugh. the glove was huge!

they laughed so hard on the bungee. you run away from the wall as fast as you can and the bungee springs you back.

it melted my heart watching flower be so helpful with river.

we had such a good time and stayed till almost 6:00!
we had a pretty low key new year's eve. just me and the girls. they were asleep by 10:30 and i enjoyed some movies by myself. perfect.

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