Sunday, December 19, 2010

the evolution of our stocking hangers

it all started over ten years ago when kg and i got married. i found this 'wish' stocking hanger, perfect for two. i loved it. (2000-2006)
there was also joy next to it and i new eventually we would have a child so i bought it and stored it. i didn't know it would take 7 years before we would get to use it but eventually we did. and although it's not the reason i bought them, if you think about it they are so true...we wished for a child and that child brought us joy. :) (2007)
i still like to put them out and hang either ribbon bows or candy canes from them.
then just one christmas later river joined our family and i found these cute trains.
the trains certainly make sense because she has taken us on a wild ride! (2008-2010)
but after using those little trains for three christmases, we get to use wish and joy again next year because there will be five!
how fitting that kg and i will return to the roots of the 'wish' and the children will be our 'joy'. :)


LAURA said...

We are so excited for you guys. I was just whining to someone that we didn't have any "babies" to hold and cuddle anymore. River rarely sits long enough to get a cuddle.

I liked the cute way you mentioned it too.

Gorge Us Family said...

A bit of an announcement? Can't wait for details.

La belle mère said...

Ah-hah, I was wondering if that was what you were so excited and secretive about! I look forward to hearing (or reading) all about it. :)

Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

So excited to hear the details. You guys are such a great family!
Quick question, the wreath above your stockings...what's is it?

Let's kick it.

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