Sunday, December 26, 2010

kg's 12 days of christmas

i did a twelve days of christmas for kg. it was fun but unfortunately we are so dang busy that many nights didn't get done. :( the wreath is magnetic and the little canisters have magnets on the back. i put a chocolate covered cherry in each canister so he'd at least have something yummy each day. then i put little notes of things i'd do for him. my plan was that each day he'd be spoiled in some way. i did his dishes on two nights, sexual favors, a special date night that i took him to dinner and a movie, head and neck massage, make-out session. those were ones we actually accomplished. it's sad that we are so busy we didn't even have time for him to get a foot massage, a pedicure, a back massage, a hand massage, more sexual favors, a good long hug. i just wanted him to know how much i love and appreciate him so i hope i at least accomplished that! :)

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A-me said...

I heart your family stockings!! I think I might have to copy the shape and make some for my family for this next year!

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