Thursday, December 2, 2010

library art and advents(revised)

i forgot to add the photos of the actual activity. i just found them on my phone.
river hangs out in the truck with me while flower does karate. i love her sweet face here. she was 'reading' to me.
there is a public library across the street from flower's karate studio. one day after karate i decided to go check it out and renew my library card. since i can't remember the last time i used it, it had expired. :) the girls loved seeing the gerbils and hamsters. and then there was an announcement that the free children's art was starting. how fun. look what we made.
i love her face. :)

these beautiful snow flakes. flower's is on the left, mine and river's on the right. it was so fun.
we are definitely going to take advantage of that again!
in addition to the candy cane advent calendar that i already pictured, we each have a sticker one. flower's is the princess and river's is the mickey/minnie mouse.
mine is a squirrel house party thing and kg's the nativity. it's been fun to do these together right before bed.
i am really loving that wire. it's so fun to see this stuff all hanging up neatly in their room.
loving december!

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