Wednesday, December 8, 2010

fundraiser fun!

thank you so much to everyone that helped flower with her school fundraiser. thanks to you she was one of the top 8 sellers of the school and on december 7th she earned a limo ride to mcdonald's with a free lunch. she was so excited! i was the only parent there with my camera! what is wrong with people?! ;)
here's the limo before the kids saw it.
i love this photo. flower walking out of the school with all the big guys.
all the kids in front of the limo
flower getting in. she kept turning around looking at me with a big smile.
she was amazed that she got to ride in this really cool car!
i then drove ahead of them to mcdonald's so i could get more photos. :)
here they are pulling in to the parking lot

getting out of the limo
the limo driver is totally over the top really loves his job ;)
she was so excited to be there!

i took these photos and then left her there to enjoy her happy meal and play time with the other kids. they were then brought back to the school in the limo and i picked her up there. it was so fun to hear her tell me all about the inside of the limo and how great it was. so, thanks again to anyone who helped her earn this fun time by buying cookie dough or bread products! we appreciate your love and support.

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Audie said...

Don't you just love that limo driver?!?! I've seen him all over town since we moved here. I remember people following him at the mall once thinking he was the real deal. Hilarious!!!

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