Sunday, December 12, 2010

girls weekend!

on december 10th i went out with sandee, kristen and jenn. i dropped the girls off at sandee's because spencer watched them. they were also spending the night because sandee was watching them saturday while i worked. anyway. first we went to costa vida for dinner. yummy. we had a good time talking and enjoying our food. then we went to a craft store and played and laughed. it was so fun. we ended up at kristen's house to paint ceramic ornaments. kristen and i did this for a few years in a row but it's been about 8 years! it was so fun. here are the two i painted. i love how they turned out.
my sweet little rosy cheeked santa
someday when we have room enough for two trees i want a white chirstmas tree decorated in pink and turquoise ornaments. like this.
here are the ceramics i did in years past.
this one is holding up the best. i realize i must have sprayed him with a top coat and not the others because the others are chipping. i love his hot cocoa and cookie.
he needs some touch-ups.
and i want to do his sign different.
i bought all of these from mac's which isn't open anymore. i'm on the look out for more. we didn't have any luck on our night out other than ornaments. let me know if you spot them!
it was such a fun night and i stayed at kristen's chatting till 2:30 am! thanks for the night girls.

as if that wasn't enough, the next night, saturday the 11th, i went to the nutcracker with kristen. kimmie watched the girls because kg had to work. they love her.
just prior to the show we met up with kg to have dinner. it was fun to see him for a few minutes. he then dropped us off at the morrison center.
this chocolate truffle is the only evidence i was there. so good.
it was my first time seeing nutcracker and i loved it! and we had great seats! it inspired us to buy tickets for sleeping beauty in april. we are going to surprise flower for her birthday. i can hardly wait! thanks so much for the fun weekend kristen! love ya.

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