Monday, December 27, 2010

hair cut. planet kid. cafe rio. eye spy.

on monday the 27th i got a hair cut. i was still not feeling well but didn't want to cancel on the girl and hoped a new cut would make me feel better. i had purchased a great groupon and tried out a new salon. i really liked the girl and i'm pleased with the cut. i deliberately let my hair dry naturally so she could see my dilemma, that i can't do that! it dries so frizzy and poofy. but i'm tired of having to straighten it all the time and therefore i wear it in a bun everyday which isn't good either. soooo, long story short, she gave me a great cut that works with my curl and i haven't straightened it once since getting it cut. she also colored it back to my natural color.
yes, it's straight here because i'd never pass up the chance to have my hair blown out and straightened by someone else! but you can tell it's thinned out and i love it both ways now.
here are a couple several days later with it curly, letting it air dry.the office lighting does great things for the skin doesn't it? ;)
i then went and picked up my family and we took the girls to play at 'planet kid'. i had purchased a sweet coupon for 10 visits which means we can go 5 times. the girls loved it and played for almost 2 hours.

then we used our gift card for cafe rio and enoyed some pork salads. yum
when we got home we played eye spy. really fun game and flower is sooo good at it it's shocking!

a little alone time and then time with the family makes for the perfect day!

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Jamie Link said...

Your hair is adorable!! I love getting my hair done...I always feel like a new person even if all i do is get a trim!!

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