Tuesday, December 28, 2010

monkey's. hippo's. ice cream

since i was under the weather during christmas we hadn't played any of the girls new games. we wasted no time the following week having game nights. one night we played '5 little monkey's jumping the bed'. it was really fun.
look at the cute little monkey games pieces.

we also played hungry hungry hippo. although the other game was fun, river lost attention quick because she had to wait for each player to take their turn. not with this game! she LOVED it. it was loud and wild and crazy. right up her alley. i love all the photos of her expressions.

she was having so much fun she was drooling.
pretty little flower. :)
we capped off the night with some ice cream after the girls got their pj's on.
my goofy girl!

fun little night.

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