Sunday, January 18, 2009

Peter Pan Production

The rest of the trip was interesting. Definitely some ups and downs. Unfortunately I can't really be as honest as I'd like to be because, well, I just can't. I may write about it in one of my private blogs.
Saturday morning we were in no hurry to get up. We lounged around and didn't have to be out of the hotel until noon which was perfect. The main reason for this trip, aside from wanting to spend oodles of time with my cousins, was to support Keri in her first play production, Peter Pan, that she was putting on with her dance company. Flower is in love with Peter Pan so we knew she'd love it. That started at 1:30 PM.
River took her first bath laying in the big tub. :)
Then we got Flower ready. I tried something new in her hair but it's not my favorite. I attempted to create two 'x's on each side. It's hard to see but still cute.

We made it to Peter Pan by 12:30 so we got to see some of the rehearsal. Flower was loving the play. She was glued and loved that all these characters she watched on tv were coming to life and dancing right in front of her!

The play was great. Keri was being way to hard on herself and everyone else. She would not believe us that it was a great show. She put this whole thing on, by herself. She should be very proud of herself.
Flower had fun playing on the big stage after most of the people went home.

She was having a blast playing swords with Bryce.

River was great throughout the whole thing spending the afternoon sleeping.
After the play Keri's family was going to hang out with friends so we went out to dinner alone. We got to their place at 5:00 just as they were leaving. They didn't get home till after 10:00.
We talked for a couple of hours and Bryce loved holding River. I can't say much more than that.
We finally went to bed at 1:00 am, unsure of what the next day would bring.
Flower was so excited to share McKenzie's bed.
Silly girls pretending to be asleep. :)

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