Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday in Pullman

Sunday started out great. We all lounged around in our pajamas till around 1:00.
Everyone took turns holding River.
Austin and River.
McKenzie and River.
Bryce and River. I was so surprised how much Bryce wanted to be with her. He was SO good with her too. He didn't care if she was crying or happy, he wanted her. If she was crying he'd stand up with her and hold her just right to calm her down and then sit and cuddle with her. He held her more then anyone else the entire weekend. Not common for a ten year old boy. It was really very sweet.

We finally decided to get dressed and play games for the rest of the day. Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. Again, can't say much. Finally at 4:30 we decided we were going to dinner and head home even though the original plan was to stay till Monday. We were happy that they decided to join us for dinner. We went to Basilios and we really enjoyed it. It was probably the best meal of the weekend. Sorry to say but finding good places to eat there that had decent food is pretty tough. My $17 salmon the night before was awful! That's more then I pay for any around here and we have some great restaurants to choose from! Anyway, we had a gift certificate for Basilios so our meal only cost us $10 and we had so much food. We went home with three desserts and dinner leftovers. We decided to stay because they weren't going to Spokane so a night of games was finally had! This is what I had looked forward since we decided to go in November! The night all went very smoothly because of a secret that made all the difference. It was worth it!
Everyone continued to take turns with River.
Keri and River.
First we played Yahtzee Free For All.
Brian and River.

On Keri's first turn of the game she got a Yahtzee, in two rolls. That was the first Yahtzee since we'd opened the game in December. Then, a few turns later she got another Yahtzee!
She is so proud.
My cousin Kami(Keri's sister), her husband Mike and two kids, Joey and Emma, showed up to join us in playing games. I'm really glad they came.
Mike, Kami and River.
We played Red Neck Life.
The object of the game is to make it to end with the most teeth. Keri fit right in with the red neck theme. :)
The kids finally laid down to watch a movie, Tinkerbell, around midnight. Flower and Emma were so cute together.

We ended the evening around 2:30 am. The kids were already asleep. Flower was so exhausted that she didn't even have the strength to lift her legs onto the sofa before she fell asleep. :)
We had a lot of fun that night and this is what I had hoped for.
We woke up Monday morning about 10:30 when they were leaving for Spokane. We finally got out the door a little before noon. We made a stop by Kami's to buy some bows for the girls hair. I am making her a skirt so we are trading. :)
The girls did excellent the entire time. Flower has always been a great traveler. We don't even take anything other then three books for her for the whole trip. We sing and talk and just be together. River was great too. We stopped twice on the way there to feed her and only once on the way home. Hopefully she will continue to be a good traveler! Flower was so well behaved the whole time too. I was very proud of her.
I'm glad we made the trip because it was nice to get out of town and just be together.

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