Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just going through the iphone...

...and stumbled across some photos.
The nieces and nephews at Torta's party. I love seeing all the kids lined up and then Miss Lorelai on her own and stealing the show. :)
Gah! I just love these next two. They are just too cute for words and make me smile. :0)
Those cheeks. Those puckered lips. That dimpled chin. That chubby little hand supporting that big cheek!
It's all so cute sometimes it brings happy tears.
I am amazed at how different she looks sleeping then awake. When she's awake her face takes on a whole new shape! And this picture makes me bust up every time I see it so I had to use it again!
Flower was in love with the Nintendo DS in Pullman. It was her first time playing with one. It was pretty cute watching her and Austin side by side, each playing their own. It was also cute to watch Austin so willingly help her whenever she was stuck. She's still talking about 'the girl' and 'the boy' and she so lovingly referred to McKenzie and Austin. She had so much fun with them.This is a 'make-up pallet'.Really it's a blanket. Years ago I started playing blanket make-up with my nieces. We use whichever blanket is on my lap or floor at the time and a q-tip. The applier dips the q-tip in her customers color choice and then proceeds to apply the make-up. We always start with foundation, and do eyebrows, eyelids, eye lashes, cheeks and lips. Then we paint toe nails and finger nails. I also remember doing this with Phoebe and Audrey Dunkley when I'd babysit them when their parents were out of town. I've now been doing it with Flower. The above was our color pallet today. The kids love it and so do I because I get to lay down and have something soft rubbed across my face repeatedly. And the sweet kids are always so careful and deliberate. You should try it! We just got done doing it back and forth for an hour. Now I'm going to try and talk her into doing my hair. We are also watching Summer Magic and continually repeating the best songs, dancing and singing along.
Hope your Saturday is brighter then the gloom outside. Mine sure is.


sara :) said...

Those cheeks!!!!

You can use her as an example of the existence of gravity because when she's held up, those jowls just sag--so stinking adorable!

Amanda said...

Those pictures of River are so cute. She is getting big. She looks different everytime I see her. We really should have moved Lorelai out of the picture or sat her next to Flower. It's cute to see the kids all sitting together having fun!

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