Friday, January 30, 2009

Ward Baby Shower

I don't even know where to start. It was such a fun night. I am blown away by how many people came, 25 I think out of the 33 that were invited. I feel so loved. It means a lot that so many people would come together to support us in welcoming Miss River into our lives. I actually had tears in my eyes last night as I sat looking at everything that we received that will help us so much. Our house is now busting at the seams with things from last night as well as so many family and friends that have gifted us and lent us things to use. We love it all and couldn't be more grateful. Thank you everyone who has helped us and shown us so much love. Special thanks to Kris for the time and effort that it took to put this together and opening her home to all of us rowdies. :) Love ya!
(unfortunately most of the pictures are crap. Not sure what my deal was there. Oh well at least I know who came.)

Flower was good comic relief while we were going through everything. She love this bow that was around a blanket.

Two people even brought Flower some gifts. So thoughtful and she was overjoyed! She looked so cute in her outfit today and had a blast with all the instruments.
Lovely, lovely evening.

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