Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finishing up the weekend

Saturday afternoon our case worker came for a 2 month visit. So far we have been deemed good parents. It's nice to be validated. :) We found out that there is still progress being made regarding the birth father. Things were stalled for a bit due to the holidays. We also found out we have to have some more interviews or something regarding that which will mean more money out of our pocket. :(

Right after that we went to visit KG's mom in the hospital. She had back surgery a few days ago. Not fun. She seems to be doing well though.

After that we went to the church to complete my Sunday bulletins. Good thing the missionaries were there because I forgot my library keys.

And THEN we went to my sister's house to play games with them and the Mecham's. It was a fun evening.

Sunday I actually made it to church for the first time this year. :) I even went to all the meetings, even if Sunday school was only for 10 minutes, I'm counting it! Amazing. We have been asked to attend the Reach One program for a few months so that should be interesting. Since it is our first Sunday this year that meant it was Flower's first time in Sunbeams. She was so excited and that I don't think she thought twice about nursery. She was also thrilled to see Tianna again and both of them yelled each other's names and went running for each other because it's been awhile. So cute.

My little family is now sleeping. There is something so peaceful about Sunday naps. I think I'm going to have to join them...I'll resume this post after the fun we're going to have this evening.

I'm back from our fun evening! We went to Patti and Jeff's. John, Jill and Alyssa are their three kids, Alyssa being Flower's age. Sara, Darrin and their four kids, Liam, Sydney, Madeline and Quinn also came. We had wonderful food and played games. We played Bubble Brain which we have played tons of times and usually it's pretty funny. Well tonight it was beyond funny! Dang hilarious to say the least. Sara and I were gasping, crying and pee'ing all at once. Oh and I was hacking but what's new? Good times. The funny part is we(KG, Sara and I) were worried about being to racy for Jeff because we were a little unsure of his personality since we haven't played games with him before. Have no fear, he was raunchier then we were at times. We are so proud. ;)
The kids had a great time too and I was so impressed at how well they got along and we barely heard from any of them.
On to the photos.
This is what it's like trying to take a photo of Lightning McQuinn. He would not stop moving and was not impressed that the creepy lady was trying to take his photo.

Liam also doesn't like his photo taken so I had to be sneaky and take it as he was preoccupied filling his plate.
I am so bummed that I didn't get a better photo of Jill and her gorgeous hair. It's such a vibrant red!

Can't wait for the next gathering! Sara when did you say we were coming over? :) He He.


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

More interviews. Yuck. Hope everything gets wrapped up quickly so you don't have to think about it ever again.

sara :) said...

Soon, I promise! Maybe I'll invite my parents, too. :)

Heather said...

Thanks for the invite. I've been following you guys since you came home with Flower, and I would have missed you guys.
If you ever get down to near Farmington NM in your Travels, My best friend's husband opened a game store in Aztec called Pass Go Games, think you guys would have a wonderful conversation about the many games you like to play.
Heather BT

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