Saturday, January 17, 2009

River's first night in a hotel.

I just love those jowls! I want to nibble on them constantly! And I especially love the droopy lower lip when she's in this position. :)

She also went swimming for the first time. Well sort of. She was super excited. Can you tell? No!? Yeah, me neither.

Flower was excited and got right in.
Just a little dip.
Dang that's cold! She didn't love it.

Put the bum in hot water and now we're talkin'! Of course putting anything more then that in the hot tub would have fried her wee little brain. She didn't last too much longer.
Flower was having a grand time showing me that the cold water didn't bother her and she could still hang from the side.
And blow bubbles.
River and I escaped early and went back to the room and left the other two to play.

So if you haven't figured it out...we're out of town. And you're slow. :)
This afternoon we got in the car and headed for Pullman, Washington. It's River's first road trip and she did great. We pulled in around 6:30 PM and checked into the hotel. We went next door to eat dinner and then came back to swim.
We came here to see my cousins but won't see them until tomorrow. We wanted to enjoy one night alone as a family.
I now have all three of my little family asleep next to me and it's about time that I join them.
Nighty night.

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