Saturday, July 31, 2010

$150 date night for only $20! booyah!

saturday the 31st the girls spent the night with their grandparents and cousins allowing kg and i a frugal date night. we started it off by using two movie tickets given to us for christmas to go see dinner for schmucks. it was very funny. but there were a few parts that were just painful, for example watching steve carrel ruin the other poor guys life in the restaurant. but it ended well and i really liked it.

then we went to mystique for dinner and entertainment. the tickets are $65 per person. but i've gotten to know one of the magicians(he's a tenant) and he really wanted me to see his show so he got me two free tickets after i told him i couldn't afford to go. :) nice perks of my job. that night was his last show in town and we really enjoyed it.

here's our magician, george.
kg enjoying himself and playing with the napkin rings.
the food is amazing. five course meal and way too much food. i look home my entire entree minus two bites. our butlers and madam were very clever with the to go boxes.

i also too home my entire dessert.
so yummy and such a fun evening with kg. the only money we spent was the $20 tip we left on the table! not bad for what would have been a $150 evening.
it was lovely sleeping in together the next morning as well. :)

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