Monday, July 26, 2010

happy 75th grandma!

friday the 23rd, we had a surprise birthday party for kg's grandma, carol. it was so nice to have so much family there!
this is my favorite photo of of the night.
katie and grandma, the birthday girl!
laura and journey

first time the brothers have seen each other all together in 8 years!
happy moment!

all the kids loved playing with the balloons.
a dad finally has his boys together again. a touching moment. :)
i love all these boys more than i know how to express.

beautiful journey.

grandma brought a pinata!

silly kids.

great grandma jensen and flower.
it was a great party. but unfortunately we had to cut out way too early to get up to the cabin. we had an elder's quorum camp out waiting for us. more to come!

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