Tuesday, July 27, 2010

EQ camp out

friday the 23rd lead us up to the cabin for an eq campout. i wish a few more families had been able to attend but we enjoyed those that were there! there was a big potluck dinner and camp fire that evening. we missed most of that. poor kg had truck trouble. it kept breaking down on him when he took the group up earlier in the day. therefore he got back to boise late to pick me up. he was driving lisa's car. we stayed for his grandma's party for a bit and then headed up. we were supposed to take the bus and that crapped out too. so we ended up taking lisa's car back and tented it.
saturday morning kg made an excellent breakfast with lisa's help. ;)
i discovered the day that my camera was crapping out. it started giving me an error after every photo so a lot of the photos are funky. i'm pretty depressed about it.

river makes me smile. she just wandered and played and totally enjoyed herself! when i was trying to spy her in her own little world with my camera, she caught me and said cheese!

there is she again. playing in the dirt.

some people went shooting. some played in the water. some played with snakes. some played games. we all enjoyed ourselves.

river's yucky dirty camping feet.
we love alanna.
laura was in time out. study study study.
mmm, cold hot dogs.

kg took flower fishing for the first time. she has been begging to go and she loved it. although she was bummed that she didn't catch a fish.

finally at 2:00 we all packed up and headed for idaho city for lunch and milk shakes.

the allure of the juke box.

best bathroom sign i have ever seen! in case you can't read it:
Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean.
gentlemen: your aim will help. stand closer, it's shorter than you think!
ladies: please remain seated for the entire performance!
ha! awesome. totally love it.
full of fries, tater tots and milk shakes we were finally on the road for home after a successful camping trip with friends.

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Becky Marks said...

Looks fun! And I LOVE the bathroom signs too! How funny!

Let's kick it.

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