Friday, July 23, 2010

RS pool party

thursday night was our rs pool party for church. i pulled the girls out of the pool at work with carol and hauled them to kathy's for more swimming. they were more than excited.
earlier in the day i made this cute fruit bucket to take along. flower thought it was so cute and told me so several times. she was impressed with my skillz. :)

all the fruit was so delicious!
chillin'...eatin' a cookie.
love her cute little bum in the air!
the food was so yummy. salads and desserts. no better combination for the summer!
there was great company!
and lots of sunshine.
after eating we had a pretty funny white elephant gift exchange. the funniest gifts were the cat, rat and pig!
river went out front to ride kris' scooter. :)
flower kept telling me on the way home how fun it was to swim with the big girls. ;)
kris was nicer than me. she let the girls get her soaking wet with hugs and requests to be thrown in. whenever river got an owie in the grass or on the cement, she'd go right past me for kris' affection. i'm so glad they have her in their life!

she threw them in over and over again.

it was so nice to just sit and relax in the nice weather.
and enjoy this amazing view. the girls thought it was so cool that they could see daddy's work! they kept waiving to him.
i really needed this after a really crappy day at work and a hard conversation with my mom(i just want her health to be perfect again). :( however, those two things combined kind of made me a little sensitive and lose my marbles that night. i apologize for anyone that witnessed it. and with that being said, i really enjoy these women and gatherings like this.

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