Thursday, July 8, 2010

awesome emi strikes again...and again.

emi had a raffle on her blog a few weeks ago and i won a $10 gift card to sonic! thanks emi.
as if that wasn't enough, emi came to the mainland from hawaii. she hosted a big gathering at casa mexico on wednesday night. she and gavin, her son, hosted a LIVE raffle and we totally scored. i won a $15 gift card to walgreens and river won a $20 gift card to target. and it gets even more awesome. she generously treated us to dinner as well. thanks so much emi and gavin!
*please take note that my love can always be bought. ;)
**also take note that the pictures suck but that's life. oh and those are the ugliest colored walls and texture i have ever seen! proceed.

sara is happy to be here!
emi brought lots of stuff for the kiddies to play with.
dang. see! this would have been a great photo of these cute three but i was all nervous. feel socially awkward in big groups. blah blah. and so on. but they are still cute even if they are fuzzy. :)
amanda, with whom we went to high school, with grant and his cute wife alethea.
grant works with kg.
gavin, the awesome raffle guy.
emi is about to say my name!
bringing me my gift card. booya!
reading river's name!
giving her the gift card! score!
flower asked me to take a photo of her with the bride and groom behind her. :)
the whole facebook gang.

we had a great time seeing everyone! and i enjoyed a nice shoulder/neck massage compliments of grant.


Emi said...

good times good times. glad you snapped that pic of Sara before her face took a turn for the worse (you know, because she didn't win anything haha).

Heather BT said...

Love River's Shirt - Acer used to have it!

A-me said...

Emi is awesome! and you're super lucky!!

Wowzah I missed out. I would have put up with my dislike for mexi food and Boise to chill with y'all. ;)

What at the three kids looking at in the group shot?

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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