Thursday, July 29, 2010

jensen cousins and a sleepover

Tuesday the 27th we had all the jensen cousins over! 1 boy, 6 girls. poor adam. :) we got them all dressed up and took some photos. i love them and am so glad i finally have photos of all the sweet little cousins together.

adam wasn't diggin' the love.

all three of the james jensen girls have amazing eyes. i don't ever photoshop. those babies are their natural color. stunning.
then adam left and the girls had a sleepover. i was a little nervous having all those girls sleep over by myself but they were awesome! they all got along so well. they played in flower's room for hours. then it was time to settle down.
they watched lots of the smurf's until they fell asleep.
serena asleep upside down makes me laugh. journey and flower were still awake at 11:30 when the smurf's was over. :)
the next morning i got them all ready and took them to work with me. we got there on time. not bad since we only had an hour to eat breakfast and get ready since we didn't wake up till 9:00.

i'm so glad i got the opportunity to spend a little extra time with them together.

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