Monday, July 12, 2010

flower's kindergarten check-up

today flower had a doctor appointment to make sure she's ready for kindergarten. because of not being sure what vaccines she had in china(we were given her vaccine card but never had it translated until now), she had to get 6 booster shots. not fun. as you can see, she was not a happy camper. :(
but otherwise she's as healthy as can be! he informed us she is below average for height and weight. gee, big surprise. ;) he was surprised that it's been 3 1/2 years since he'd seen her but she is just a healthy kid! she hasn't been sick enough to need to see a doctor since then. it's crazy to think that she's never seen a doctor due to illness since we've had her at 21 months of age. the only reason he saw her then was because she had just come home from china and he checked her over to make sure all was well. i'm so grateful she's been so healthy and is so well adjusted!
here are a few tid bits.
-she is doing so great at piano lessons. her teacher has been very impressed and said she is the best sight reader she's ever had. she's only gone to 5 lessons and has already memorized one of songs.
-she is also doing great with the work books that she's been working on this summer.
-her swimming is awesome.
-she must have had a lesson about satan at church because there's been a couple of times that she's done something she knows she's not supposed to and her response was, "but satan made me do it." very hard not to laugh!
-she is a great big sister. always helpful and i love to see them play and get along.
-she loves to play on the computer.
-she loves to draw.
-when she says her nightly prayers she always says, 'bless everyone in the whole earth'. so just know that your being prayed for! :)
-she is still very much into princesses, high heels and anything girly!
-she likes to play pretend. she'll say, "let's pretend that i'm the mom and you're flower and river is dad and dad is river." then we all must assume the new roles. except this usually takes place when kg is sleeping so it's just me and her. :) and then she'll do something naughty and say, "but dad said i could"(meaning river). it never flies!
she is just doing so great!
her reward for being brave after the shots was to get a shaved ice. :)
that cures everything! today she got tiger's blood. kg got cinnamon, i got half tiger's blood half pink lemon sour(my usual for 17 years!), river got pink lemon sour.

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Heather BT said...

I just took Acer to the Dr's today, and was very glad to know that he didn't need any shots. We got him caught up the first year he was home, but it was not fun, he even pulled out a needle, scratched himself with it and bent the needle. Very glad that flower avoided that!
Acer goes to Kindergarten this year and is really looking forward to it.
Hope Flower continues to enjoy her summer!

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