Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a girls adventure.

monday the 26th was a busy one. my morning was full and away from the girls. when i got home kg was feeding them soup for lunch. river is very passionate about her soup! :)
in the afternoon the girls and i took an adventure while kg slept. no summer adventure can start without a shaved ice or diishe, as river calls them!

then we stumbled upon this park we've never seen before. all the toys are somewhat suspended. it was cool.

river is always more attracted by the random dog in park than the toys.
flower was a pro climber.
then we mozied on over to kathryn albertson park.
's' is for silly sassy sisters
we wandered for over an hour and i just followed them around letting them lead the way.

sometimes river would just lie down in the path and relax.

river loves flower's hair. unfortunately for flower sometimes she loves it too much and frequently pulls out big hands full of it. :( but not this time. she was very sweet just playing with it.
i love how she hugs flower.
flower was trying to get river to copy her poses and it totally cracks me up.

and then i ran away from them and they had to chase me and laughed the whole way.

i love lily pads. we kept hoping we'd see a frog atop one but no such luck. as we stood there for a good 15 minutes looking at all of them they became a reflection of how i feel right now.
they are looking a little crowded. this is how my brain feels lately.
overstuffed and crowded with crap that i'm not sure how to sort out.
if i could just get a few areas to clear out i could get some peace.
and sometimes my heart and brain disagree.
my heart loves to be around people and enjoy their company
but the brain turns it into anxiety with everything overlapping.
but they both agree on the happiness and peace of being a loner.
shutting everyone out feels like a good idea right now.
but it's probably not. actually it's usually the worst thing i can do.
but i'll probably do it anyway.
i'm jealous of this lily pad.
these remind me of my childhood.
now back to the girls. they explored to their hearts content and it brought me joy.

and then they ran away from me and i had to chase them.
she was eating the flowers.
and then we became too hot and hungry.
so we stopped by the corner store for an ice cream cone.

and then waited for our gluten free pizza at pier 49. yum.
we took it home and kg joined us for dinner. perfect afternoon/evening with my girls!


The Goodsell Shrub said...

Where was that cool little park at?

ang :o) said...

I think it's off of rose hill? can't quite remember. i do know it's by the cool cemetery over there.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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