Friday, May 14, 2010

flower can tie her shoes!

last summer we taught flower how to tie her shoes. she caught on but needed practice and then outgrew her shoes and the ones she has worn since didn't have laces. we didn't think much of it. but then in march she got these little red numbers and she's been practicing since. and by golly she's got it down! the other day she came to me and showed me that one was done so i took photos of her tying the other one.
river was very interested and flower was talking her through it. very cute.

she had it but it wasn't quite good enough for her so she did it again.
there we go. good job girl!
it was after i took these photos that i realized her shoes were each laced up different. you can bet i fixed them right after i looked at the photo! :)

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A-me said...

Way to go Flower!!

Ang - I would have done the same thing after looking at the photo. Funny :)

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