Thursday, May 20, 2010

river is 18 months!

she is crazy fun. she is such a clown and keeps us laughing. she is so lovable and captivates people where ever she goes. i'll list a few new things that she's said or done since my last update that we don't want to forget.
*she loves to give high fives and knuckles.
* she does a really cute dance move with really fast feet.
*she adores animals of all kinds. she shrieks with glee every time she sees a dog or squirrel or bird, etc.
*she loves to brush her hair.
*Says hi and waves to herself in the mirror, and every car parked next to us at stop lights and everyone in the grocery stores. she is so friendly and it brings smiles to everyone she says 'hi' to.
*she has pooped on the potty three times and now say 'potty' every time she pees in her diaper so she's starting to get it!
*she loves books and reading
*she LOVES bananas! every morning, as soon as she wakes up she starts chanting BA-NA-NA till she gets one. and if we don't have any you better watch out!
*blows zurberts on our arms, legs or pretty much any bare skin, as well as the leather sofa. it's pretty hilarious and she's always amused with herself.
*she does an awesome fake snore
* she does a great karate kick
*she does push-ups
*she loves zippers
*she kisses better her own ouchies
*when asked where her eyes and nose are she points to hers correctly
*says tickle tickle while doing the action
*she hates diaper changes. she kicks and screams. it's ridiculous and makes it very difficult. it's lasted for months! however, as i think back to the past couple of weeks it's gotten better so maybe she's getting past it. i'm tired of ending up with new bruises just because i changed her diaper!
*when she, or anyone, farts she imitates the sound with her mouth. always makes us laugh.
*she is obsessed with lotion.
*she is a collector, as you can see in the photo below. when we go on walks, she stops every two steps to pick up something off the ground.
*she is busy busy busy! never stops moving!
*her vocabulary grows and grows everyday. she says, ouch, pepper(sandee's dog), banana, elephant, whush or wa-er(both for water), ice, puppy, ba-tub(bath tub-always whispered for some reason), butt, vacuum, toast, whoo-see(Lucy, kris' dog), be-eee(binky), bae-it(blanket), wites(wipes and she loves to play with them to wipe and clean things), byebye daddy, ah done(all done), ep-me(help me, and my very favorite. she says it so sweet whenever she wants help), so-wy(sorry, which she says a lot because she beats up her sister!), yummy or nummy(she says this whenever she wants something sweet), buddy(balloon), eat, pretty. she uses two and three word phrases more and more. it's so fun to watch her develop and learn. every time she says a new word I put it in my phone so i'll remember. :)
we sure love this girl!

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LAURA said...

We love her and are so glad she is part of our family. So, how tall is she.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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