Wednesday, May 19, 2010

thank you lynnette!

lynnette went to hawaii in march. she brought back these adorable dresses for the girls! so thoughtful. again, i've been waiting for a nice day so i could get some photos of the girls wearing them.
i absolutely love the colors. turquoise, pink, brown and cream? doesn't get better.

i love their faces in this one. click on it to see it bigger and then zoom. they are both totally in their own world. :)
i love this one of flower!!!
and i love this one of river because it captures what she constantly does with her lips. love her lips!

little miss independent. don't you dare try and hold her hand to keep her safe. yikes. that's our big truck in the background. :)
this totally cracked me up. i work with an older gal named barb and she uses a cane and kind of hunches over. flower grabs this stick and then says, 'mom. take a picture of me. i look like barb' ha!
it was such a beautiful night. the sun was perfect and it was warm. i called kg and told him i wished we had a second car working so he could meet us to have a picnic before he goes to work. this is going to be the next spot we go as a family. really lovely.

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