Sunday, May 16, 2010


peaceful. that pretty much sums up sunday.
we lounged around all day. the girls have really been enjoying our balcony the last week. flower asked me to spread a blanket down and then i caught them laying down. they also read books and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.
eventually river assumed her typical 'head under blanket' position and fell asleep. :)
in the early afternoon, flower and i made cupcakes from scratch. they are my favorite vanilla cupcakes.
after some wonderful naps, i frosted them and flower decorated them.
that evening we were off to the sturgill's for a party. jenna and casey wanted to have a gathering before they headed back to texas on tuesday. kris had made some excellent pulled pork and there were so many great salads.
and then it was time for dessert. this girl loved the cupcakes!
she sucked the frosting right off.
she then offered him the rest. notice her mohawk on top and pony tail in the back. cracks me up.
flower had so much fun with lucy.

everyone else must have loved the cupcakes too because they flew off the table. i love to bake so it makes me happy when people love what i make :)
river enjoyed the wagon. kg took her on a ride around the yard. flower enjoyed playing with the kids. and kg and i enjoyed talking with everyone. such a great group of people. the day was just peaceful and happy.

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