Saturday, May 22, 2010

team regan kate!

here's the cute family to which regan kate belongs. the photo is courtesy of jami.
regan, the little blond one, was diagnosed with CF last year. it really hit me hard. it had only been a year since i lost my cousin becky to the same disease. i was unable to go to her funeral due to river's impending birth. i've regretted it since. she left behind two beautiful daughters. her younger brother perrin passed away from cf as well when i was 24(i think). other than them, i haven't known anyone with the disease. to see regan so young, and know what she and her family will have to go through, broke my heart. my cousins were older than me but i remember my mom doing percussion treatments on their backs. i remember them going to cf camps. i remember them spending A LOT of time in the hospital. i loved my cousins. they are definitely missed. when i found out jami was putting a team together to raise money and walk i jumped at the chance to support. i was kind of emotional that day as i thought about my cousins. it was a nice day to remember them.
i loved participating as a family!
it was held at veteran's park. i'm not sure how long the walk was but it was a beautiful area and we really enjoyed being out in the fresh air and supporting a good cause.
i'm not sure how many showed up but i'm pretty sure jami had the the biggest team! it's so awesome that so many people came together to support her family.
this photo is courtesy of jami. :) i love it.

i'm so bummed this photo turned out blurry because they are so cute!
river actually walked a good majority of it!
after the walk they played in a bounce house. i was surprised that river was a little nervous. she didn't like it as much as she likes trampolines.

then they played on the playground. love her dimple.
and then it started to rain so we called it good.
i'm looking forward to participating next year and getting my family involved by putting a team together in honor of becky and perrin.


A-me said...

I heart the picture of the four of you holding hands!!

Gorge Us Family said...

Love that you are participating! It is amazing to me how joining a cause like this can help to mend the heart.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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