Sunday, May 30, 2010

fun filled family day

saturday was nothing short of perfect. it was filled with family time which is what i wanted. i was expecting to work but lynnette surprised me earlier in the week and said we'd be closed. i was so thrilled that i'd have a three day weekend! we enjoyed every minute of it!
saturday morning we started off by working together and getting some of the house cleaned.
then we went downtown to the saturday market. we enjoyed walking around and sampling yummy stuff. we bought some really yummy pine nut brittle that we saved for dessert after lunch at the park. yum!
we also took some photos of course.

i really wanted to take a photo of the girls on this bench. it's been 18 months since the last time i captured them here. :)
flashback::11.28.2008-my my how they've changed!
right now, at 3.5 years apart, river is 35 inches tall and flower is 41 inches tall.

after the market we got hot dogs from a vendor and drove to the park to eat.
we then went home to rest. we put river down for a nap and then the three of us played sorry!, which flower won, and then watched 'the spy next door'. very cute movie.
finally river woke up and we walked to the mall. flower wanted to wear her crown from kathy and river had grabbed this nylon sock and asked kg to put it on like a hat. too funny.
the reason for our walk to the mall was to find kg a new pair of sandals. his birkenstocks broke so we were looking for an early father's day gift. we were successful. after trying on several pair he settled on these chacos:
then we got some daiquiri ice.
finally the girls played on the toys.

and then we headed for home.
it was a really beautiful walk. we made a quick stop for some fruits and veggies at the corner market before finally going home.
a bubble bath was in order before bedtime.
like i said...perfect.

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Jenn said...

wow that is amazingly nice day. Sounds so fun, good quality time as a family. You kids are so cute.

Let's kick it.

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