Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the shaved ice shack is open!!!

it just opened and we headed over right after work today. i tell ya this really rings in summer for us. we went today for the first time.
flower treated us actually. she and river both got flower's lemon sour. i got my usual as well...half pink lemon sour/half tiger's blood. yumm-o.
this was river's first official one, too, since they give babies a free 3 oz cup. pretty awesome. i had planned to share with her. i didn't know that till today. i love our shack.

she had a death grip on that cup. the lady said most babies drop them and was impressed that river didn't. however, not all of it made it from the spoon to her mouth! :)
but she did a pretty good job and was so happy.
i love it when i catch her unaware! :)

we really enjoyed our treat! thanks flower. from there we went to take some photos of the girls!


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Yummm! I wish we had one that was reasonably priced and had reasonable hours . . .

Shannon Lytle said...

I noticed it's open, but I haven't gotten to go yet! My friend Judy owns that one. It's the one on Franklin, right? It's the best one! We go past it every Wednesday on the way to Cora's piano lessons. It'll have to be a weekly tradition, at least... =)

ang :o) said...

megan i can't imagine not having one! we live there in the summer.

shannon-Who does she take piano with? I've thought about signing up flower. And what time will you go on Wednesdays? maybe we will meet you!

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