Friday, May 28, 2010

5.27.2010::picnic at veteran's park

on thursday we met mandy, kathy and bryson for a picnic and playtime. we had a great time and enjoyed the nice weather.

i had fun waiting at the bottom of the slide for them to come flying out.
this was river's first time down the big slide. it was pretty funny. she was a little nervous coming down but then she loved it!

this time i think she had a little 'help' from flower before she was stable and went head first. it's pretty fast with two turns so she hit her head twice. i caught the last one before she finally stopped sliding.
this picture of her holding her head is so sad and so sweet. poor thing. such despair.

mmm, circle sandwiches.

they brought river a ball and two really cute outfits.
and flower a set of princess hair things and a shirt.
thank you!

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