Friday, May 28, 2010

kindergarten bound.

first day of school::09.07.2009
last day of school::05.28.2010
she's changed a bit. can you see it?
she is more than ready for kindergarten. she loved miss april. i like april too but in comparison to last year i missed all the opportunities to volunteer and participate. i missed going on the field trips too. last year was definitely more like a real school. but she had a good time this year and she learned which is good. i'm looking forward to seeing how she does in kindergarten.

a fun fact. or not. the last 6 months we've had the worst luck ever with cars! we picked flower up from school in 6 different cars in just 6 months. our jeep, our bus, our truck, my bosses subaru, a rented expedition and a honda a friend gave us. out of the four that are ours only the truck works. white trash much? at this point every time we break down i just laugh.

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