Wednesday, May 19, 2010

thank you julie!

several months ago julie sturgill made flower these adorable dress-up dresses. oh how she loves them! she wears one or the other almost ever day. i've been waiting for a nice sunny day so i could take proper photos and send her a thank you!
today was the day. and i found a new favorite photo spot. it was so beautiful!
flower cracks me up. i've said it before but i do not tell her how to pose. she is such a little model!
and she asked me in all seriousness if her neck looked long! yikes. looks liked she pays more attention than i thought when i watch america's next top model! :)

love her face.

the dresses are so great!
thank you thank you thank you julie! it was very kind of you to think of flower. she absolutely loves the dresses and they will get lots of use!

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