Saturday, May 15, 2010

saturday was nuts!

and we didn't even make it to everything we were invited to. working saturday's is tough. i miss a lot now. i haven't been to any of my nieces or nephews sports games this season, no saturday market and so forth. today we missed two graduation BBQ's of friends that graduated from BSU. bummer. but even with missing those things, today was so busy!
before work we went to sturgill's to take some photos of the family because all the kids were in town! we arrived before they did so kg took some photos of the girls playing.

she had a hard time keeping her balance.

finally the family arrived and we took some photos.
here are just a few of my favorites.
this one is my very favorite. they all look so happy and handsome.
one of my favorite families!
cute couple.

all eyes on lucy!
mother and daughter
father and daughter
tee hee
i love this one!
it's the one i took after the posed one.
it tells such a story.
the newly wed love birds on the right.
three boys in the center probably not wanting to be there.
and kris looking so adoringly at her family.
it was so good to see tyler. one of my favorite moments was after the photos we were inside in the kitchen. we heard tyler on the piano and took a peak to see both girls standing behind him mesmerized by his music. he is so talented!
this photo just cracks me up! flower likes tyler so much that she got embarrassed and her face says it all! she's looking at kris for reassurance.
river discovered the sprinklers.
we were lucky enough to be included in singing happy birthday to kris and eating cake. saturday was her actual birthday! happy birthday kris!
she gave it a good shot and blew half of the candles out.
but they came back to life.
try number two.
they created so much smoke!
they just wouldn't go out!
river was very concerned by all the flames and commotion!
very cute cake, and from what i understand it was delicious as well!
after that i quickly went to work. it was a real challenge because someone was using the clubhouse for a baby shower which meant the girls had to be shut in the office with me the entire time. oy. makes for a long day. i also had to make a trip to the bank.
kg was at church meetings from 4-6 and then 7-9. then he worked at 9. long day for him, too, so we didn't see him much since he needed to sleep during the day.
as soon as worked was over the girls and i headed to a meridian park for lorelai's birthday party. she's 3 years old! i forgot to take photos but we had a good time.
after that we went to get a shaved ice only to find it was closed. so flower asked for daiquiri ice. i happily obliged because i was still debating our next adventure due to car issues.
however, after we were done with ice cream i decided to hope for the best that the car would get us to our next desitination and back and it did. we went to april's wedding reception at the 36th street bistro. it was a beautiful venue. we greeted everyone we knew and then went out to dance. after a few songs the dj proclaimed that it was father/daughter time on the dance floor. i had been dancing with the girls but flower disappeared. she returned a few moments later dragging jer behind her. he said flower came and asked him to dance. so sweet! i'm grateful he was willing because flower loved every minute of it!
the beautiful bride...april.
jer danced with both girls several times throughout the night.

warms a mama's heart :)

after such a long day, by 9:00 i was ready to call it a night. as we were walking to the car, river disappeared. i thought she was right behind me so i went looking on the other side of a huge truck. she found these and climbed right in.

really busy, really fun day!

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