Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day

my mother's day was perfect. i was woken up with my protein shake and some gifts.
kg gave me a gift card to downeast. :)
flower gave me this necklace that she chose out and paid for herself.
and they all gave me this blender which i asked for because i've needed it a lot lately.
at church the ladies were given a beautiful flower and chocolate bar. plus flower gave me two chocolate covered oreo suckers.
a few days prior flower made me this adorable potted plant. she painted it herself and the butterfly is her hand prints. she came running out of preschool yelling,"happy mother's day mom! you're the best!"

that evening we went to my brother's house to celebrate my mom. we gave her a stepping stone with river's foot prints and name to add to the collection of the rest of her grandkids in the front garden. when we made them we tried to do her hand prints but river freaked out! she hated having that on her hands. the feet turned out cute too.
then we went to kg's parents to celebrate his mom. we also gave her a river stepping stone since she has one for flower in her front garden.
it was a really great day. i'm happy to be a mom to the two best girls. and i'm especially grateful for my mom and kg's mom. they are both incredible women who do so much for us!

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