Thursday, May 13, 2010

10th anniversary!

we celebrated well this year!
we started celebrating in march with a big family trip. you may remember we went to vegas and enjoyed the show love by ourselves while some friends watched the girls. we enjoyed three days in vegas and then 5 days in san diego as a family.
in april we went on a date to mona lisa. we celebrated our 8th anniversary there two years ago. we reserved the lover's lane and wrote letters to one another and they kept them in a glass bottle for us. now, 2 years later, we went back to lover's lane to read our letters. it was a great night. kylee babysat for us so the girls had a great time as well.
we got the four course meal.
it started off with cheese fondue and bread, apples, veggies etc. for dipping.
then we got salads.
for the main course we got chicken, tuna, salmon, steak, filet mignon, alligator sausage and teriyaki steak. we like it there because you cook your meat on a grill as seen below rather than in oil.
notice underneath the grill there is a tin with cheese. they give you cheese to melt to put on top of delicious bread, as seen below. it's divine, especially if you put their green goddess sauce on the bread first. mmm.
our main course also came with the most delicious mashed potatoes.
mona lisa is so much better than melting pot!
finally our waitress brought our letters. that was seriously cool. it was so neat to read what we had written two years ago. at that time we didn't have river yet, nor had we even started the process. we forgot that just prior to that date, he had knee surgery. i was just coming off some pretty major struggles related to my old job and had just started a new job. so much has happened. so it's kind of fun to think where we will be in two more years. kg's was more sappy, mine was funny.
here he is holding up the letter he wrote me.
then we took the time to write more letters. i'm pretty sure this year i was a bit more sappy and he was probably funny. i have more to be sappy about i guess.
here is the lovely bottle that houses our letters. can't wait for 2012!
in may, for our actual anniversary of may 13, we both worked which accounted for our earlier date. but we still wanted to celebrate. that night we went to delsa's as a family. and it was free thanks to shannon giving us a gift certificate there for our birthday's in august!
it was really fun to go as a family and talk to the girls about our marriage and what we love about each other.

flower took a photo of us. :) not too bad since she could barely hold my big camera!
married 10 years, together 12. amazing. love him more and more each day. i'm truly lucky to have found someone so perfect for me. i really could not have done better. butterflies i tell ya. i've got butterflies.


Heather BT said...

Congratulations! I remember your posting about the dinner, two years ago. How exciting to be able to go back and read the letters.

A-me said...

Very cool about the letters. Congrats :) Nothing is better than the butterflies love them.

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