Tuesday, May 11, 2010


monday was just a really great day. river and i picked flower up from preschool and then met kris for lunch. we took her out for her birthday! we went to blimpie's.
first flower gave her the gift she picked out and bought. she new kris liked elephants and then got so excited when there was a flower on the elephant. she said, 'she will always know it's from me because the elephant has a flower!' she's so cute. she was so excited to give it to her.
(this is the same place she got my mother's day necklace. she chose one out for herself as well.)
this cute butterfly is hers.
my friends sara started a business. in an effort to support her and give kris something really unique, i bought her some spa cupcakes. they are so cute and came with a mask and shower gel.
there was four of these adorable wash cloth cupcakes inside. it's hard to tell but the center is pink, the outside orange and the ribbon pink. kris just recently repainted her bathroom orange so i was hoping they'd look cute in there.
i also added a chocolate bar and a book.
the book is called she and when i saw it on amazon it just reminded me of kris. here are a couple of pages from the book.

and my favorite pages, which i don't have a photo of, say, "she loved life, and it loved her back" and "she must be something special. She is. Celebrate her." She is certainly special to me!
we enjoyed lunch very much!
when we got home we all took naps.
flower fell asleep on the chair in our room.
i fell asleep snuggled next to kg.
i woke up after an hour. river slept for 3 and flower and kg slept for 2!
it was such a perfect afternoon with the windows open and the fresh rainy air coming in.

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